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Mayoral Address by Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality Mayor the Honorable Cllr Mv Madlala on the occasion of the Introduction to Parliament & Public Participation

14 June 2013

Programme Director:
Delegates: uThukela District Municipality
Members: Parliament
All Councillors present
Members of the public

Greetings to you all.

I humbly greet you all today and would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone.

I would like to start off by welcoming the following people:

  • The Public Education Office
  • Mr Thulani Madlala
  • Mr Morgan Pillay and
  • Ms Valerie Dambuza

One of the most important changes introduced by the 2010 Constitution is the enhanced role of the public in governance generally and in parliamentary processes in particular.

There are specific provisions mandating openness and public inclusion in the preamble to the constitution,

Globally, there is growing recognition that public participation improves policy outcomes.

The purpose of transparency guarantees is to protect the openness of public decision-making processes.

Key to these guarantees is access to information in a relevant and usable form.

Access to information is a fundamental human right in Article 35 which provides that every citizen has a right to access information held by the State, and to access information held by another person and required for the exercise or protection of any right or fundamental freedom.

The provision also obliges the State to "publish and publicize any important information affecting the nation."

Therefore, this calls upon all our people to participate meaningfully in the process as it also seeks to empower our society with knowledge and expectation of what will be delivered by the Government of the Day.

Chapter 4 of the Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 makes Community Participation in the affairs, programmes and activities of the government particularly in municipalities a legal obligation.

As we continue on our march to deliver on our Manifesto commitments, we pledge ourselves to continue to work with our people to leave no stone unturned in fulfilling our objectives by accelerating and doubling our efforts to bring about a better life to all our people. We will do so in an accountable and ethical manner, as we have been proven to do over the years.

With those words I would like to welcome everyone and hope that today`s workshop will be a successful one in every level.

Thank You