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Keynote Address by Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality Mayor the Honourable Cllr. MV Madlala on the occasion of the Principals Meeting on Educational Programmes

19 June 2013

Programme Director:
EXCO Members: Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality
Councillors: All Present
Management: Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality
Officials: Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality
Management: Department of Education
Officials: Department of Education
Distinguished Guests: All Principals

I humbly greet you all.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to this programme today, I trust that you will all enjoy this programme and find it fruitful.
Today our agenda is based on Educational Programmes.

On Sunday we commemorated the National Youth Day under the theme;Working Together for Youth Development and a Drug Free South Africa.

The theme indicates that the challenge facing the youth during this era of freedom and democracy is different to that of the youth before 1994.

We pay tribute to the youth of 1976 who took on the might of the apartheid state and also remember Hector Petersen, who became a symbol of the student uprising and quest for freedom and a better life.

Committed as we are, we need to prioritise carefully for our youth.

Drug and substance abuse have serious implications for the millions of citizens because they contribute to crime, gangsterism, domestic violence, family dysfunction and other forms of social problems.

Thus as Government, we must respond faster than ever, to the cries of the youth of Steadville, Ezakheni, Tsakane, Roosbom, and other areas who are facing the onslaught of drugs.

We have heard the cries of the youth of Watersmeet and Peacetown, Drifontein and other areas against crime and gangsterism.

As leaders in different institutions of learning, let us develop programmes aligned to the fight against crime, gangsterism, domestic violence, family dysfunction and other forms of social problems.

Our learners are using all forms of substances in school premises, we have seen it and it has been proven.

As we advance towards discussions and deliberations of the day, let us prepare good strategies that will respond to the betterment of our education system.

Within the education sector we have witnessed bad publicity with regards to the Text-book saga.

Such maladministration is uncalled for, and we do not want to ever hear about similar problems in future.

Gathered here, you are leaders and administrators in the Education cluster. We depend on you for improving our education system.

Take pride in what you do, enjoy what you do; our learners have a lot to learn from you.

Our municipality has developed programmes in response to community needs to help the next generation build academic and life skills, prepare for and succeed in higher education and employment, and contribute as leaders to South Africa`s economic and social development.

I will ensure that these programmes continue through the Youth Development Section within my office.

The building and refurbishment of schools must continue, to eradicate mud schools and other inappropriate structures.

We must prioritise access to higher education especially technical and vocational education to expand the country`s skills base.

We are happy in particular with the increase in enrolments at FET colleges.

But we need to address the issue of Strikes that we see now and again being reported at the FET campuses within our jurisdiction.

I hope that today`s programme will further broaden our knowledge on these programmes and that we will all enjoy listening to the presentations.

Thank you all for attending and once again, I welcome you.

Thank you