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Department of Finance

We are located at the Lister Clarence Building. The following sections incorporated in the Department of Finance:

Management section - 1st floor

Provides efficient, sound, economically viable and sustainable cost effective professional financial support.

Financial systems /costing - 1st floor


  • Ensures that the Month-end processes are adhered to.
  • The credit journals are verified.
  • Ensure that the Data cleansing is monitored and correction rectified. The financial system access is closely monitored to ensure appropriate use of the financial system.
  • Financial system training is co-ordinated by this office.
  • Costing of all vehicle and payroll timesheets is processed.

Supply Chain Management Unit - 1st and 2nd floor


The Supply Chain Management (SCM) Unit forms an integral part of the financial management system of the municipality. The unit strives to meet the governmentís preferential procurement policy objectives; promote consistency in respect of supply chain management policy and other related policy initiatives in Government. The SCM unit comprises of the procurement office and the Bid office. These offices are responsible for the following:

  • Proper implementation of the Supply Chain Management quotation and advert processes,
  • Processing of Goods and Services through the bid process within 60 days after the bid is advertised.
  • Incorporation of the SCM Database into the Frontier System (Samras).

Expenditure - 2nd floor


  • Payment of creditors within 30 days of date of statement.
  • Daily / Monthly Cash Flow
  • Monthly Departmental Expenditure
  • Ensure that all Councilís assets are adequately insured.
  • To ensure that all employees are paid correctly and all deductions are paid over timeously.

Internal Control and Financial Statements sections - 1st and 2nd floor


  • The Financial Statements and Systems Administration Section are responsible for the overall planning, direction, management and co-ordination for the preparation of Emnambithi / Ladysmithís Annual Financial Statements. The main focus areas being :-
    • Reconciling of all ledger accounts
    • Co-ordinating the preparation of audit working papers
    • Attending to areas of weakness as identified in the Auditors Report
    • Implementing Generally Accepted Municipal Accounting Practice (GAMAP) and Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP)
    • Improving financial management reporting
    • Authorising amendments and managing the chart of accounts
    • Processing of Value Added Tax returns

Budget Office - 1st Floor


  • Compiling and monitoring the budget of the Municipality.
  • Ensuring compliance with the related policies.
  • Aligning the budget with the IDP and ensuring that financial objectives are fulfilled through the budget.
  • Reporting on the budget and grants to the other spheres of government and to council.

Assets - 1st floor


  • Ensures that municipal assets are safe guarded.
  • That the depreciation is accounted for on an on-going basis.
  • That all municipal assets are verified on an on-going basis and that their locations are recorded.
  • Ensures that each and every asset user is a responsible custodian.
  • Ensures that the Fixed Assets Register is reconciled with the General Ledger.

Inventory unit

Administration - 1st floor of the Lister Clarence building

Stores - Kandahar Avenue


  • Ensures that all inventory stock items are safeguarded.
  • That the municipal general stores become the custodian of all inventory items on behalf of the council.
  • That stock levels are maintained at all times to ensure that all stock items are available all times when needed by the departments.
  • Storemen and the Accountant Inventories are delegated to monitor stock on daily basis.
  • Municipal general stores serves to minimize stock theft, corruption and abuse of the municipal stock.
  • To ensure that all stock items are reconciled with Bin Cards, Physical Stock and Samras.
  • Ensures that the Stock Register reconciles with the General Ledger.
  • Serves as a municipal central point of acquiring and distribution of inventory stock items to various municipal departments.

Credit Control - Ground and 1st floor

The Debt Collection Unit is responsible to ensure that the revenue as stated in the Municipalityís annual budget is realized and arrear debt outstanding for rates, refuse, electricity and other services is collected.


  1. Collecting arrear debt as stated on the monthly invoices.
  2. Enter into arrangements in line with the Customer Care and Debt Collection Policy.
  3. Register and verify application indigency, and process the write off of debits raised.
  4. Identify bad debt and write-off after Councilís approval.
  5. Monitoring day to day disconnection of electricity for any arrear dent.
  6. Handover of debt to be collected by the Legal Clerks through legal processes.

Salaries - 2nd floor


  • Electronic payment of all employees and Councillors.
  • Electronic payment of third parties.
  • Successful verification of job creation staff with the internal audit section.

Revenue - Ground floor

The Revenue Section forms a vital aspect of the Department of Finance, comprising of the rates, customer care and cashiering divisions, which are all service delivery driven. Listed below is a brief overview of the:

Rates Section Core Functions.

  • Generating of annual and monthly rates assessments.
  • Addressing public and telephonic queries relating to the monthly/yearly assessments.
  • Supplementary valuation roll calculations.
  • Application for electronic and manual rates clearance certificates.
  • Application for pensioners, disabled persons rebates.
  • Processing of ownership changes where properties have been transferred.

Customer Care.

  • Application for new connection of electricity supply (residential only).
  • Application for disconnection of electricity supply (residential only).
  • Public Enquiries, mainly related to account balances and transactions.
  • Calculating of electricity overcharges on receipt of an electricity dispute form.
  • Processing of account adjustments to the debtor account.
  • Processing of account refunds.


Cashiering is also provided at Colenso and Ezakheni C Section.

  • Processing of payments tendered.
  • Vending of prepaid electricity.
  • Processing of electronic direct payments.
  • Reconciling of income received.