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Library Services

The Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipality is made up of 27 wards, thirteen of which are deep rural areas. Ladysmith Library Services is proud to have five libraries, one MLU and two Media Centre`s, situated within the Emnambithi Ladysmith Municipality, in Northern Kwa Zulu Natal.

Public libraries play a vital role in educating, informing, inspiring and empowering all members of its community. Illiteracy is the biggest barrier to development in our community. It denies people dignity, it leaves them open to exploitation and prevents them from progressing in all aspects of life. This demands urgent attention from all stakeholders as the ability to read and write is not a privilege, it is a right, enshrined in our Constitution.

About Ladysmith Library Services

Ladysmith Library Services provides access to information, materials and Services that support and enrich personal lives, careers and businesses in the
Community. During 2012 /2013, approximately 320 000 patrons visited the five libraries, the MLU and the two media centers. We currently have about 9 000 registered members and almost 175 000 items are circulated annually.

The following services are rendered to the Community of Emnambithi / Ladysmith community on an ongoing basis:

  • Library orientation to local and rural schools
  • Bock loans to various institutions
  • Library Promotion: Membership drives, awareness programmes
  • Programmes in support of National and International themes
  • Support of Distance Learning: Tertiary textbooks
  • Promotion of Literacy in rural areas

Our aim is to promote the development of independent, self-confident and literate citizens and to contribute to the upliftment of our rural communities by taking libraries to the people.

  • To encourage all members of the community to utilise public libraries for reading and self-development
  • To create an awareness among the disadvantaged and non-user groups that libraries can be used to enhance lifelong learning