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Service Dilivery Mandate Plan

Department: Community Services- Executive Manager: Mr P.B.B Simelane

Section: Parks and Gardens Section- Assistant Manager: Mr S.M Zwane

Parks and Gardens Key Performance Areas


The section strives to improve the quality of living to all communities by facilitating and providing in a participative way, affordable and accessible environmental and recreational facilities, services, education, awareness and training programs.


To co-ordinate, administer and manage the provision development and maintenance of recreation and leisure time activities, facilities and amenities in an organised effective and cost efficient manner with the co-operation of all role players whilst maximising all available resources.

Overview of the sections Primary Service delivery mandate / Key Performance Areas

  • Horticultural Services; Greening and beatification of the ELM area of jurisdiction
  • Maintenance of Public Open Spaces.
  • Development, provision and maintenance of Sports and Recreation amenities.
  • Development and maintenance of Community Facilities (including Cemeteries and other services (including the animal pound)
  • Administration (Including legislative compliance obligations)


  • Greening and Beautification
  • Levelling of Plots and Open spaces
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Cemeteries and Pound

1. Greening and Beautification

  • Advancement of environmental awareness campaigns
  • Facilitation of indigenous tree planting projects
  • Landscaping, design and beatification of the area of ELM jurisdiction
  • Control and elimination of invader weeds and alien species
  • Promotion of Environmentally friendly interventions in all municipal projects
  • Decoration at community and government events within the area of ELM jurisdiction.
  • Development, beatification and maintenance of entrances.

2. Levelling of Plots and Open spaces

  • Grass cutting of developed public open spaces, gardens, parks, traffic islands, road verges and communal side walks along path ways.
  • Management of mechanical workshops that maintains and repairs all various equipment used for the cutting of grass, marking of fields, pruning and cutting of trees.
  • Levelling of plots and rehabilitation of degraded areas.
  • Advancement and facilitation of sustainable interventions to avert illegal dumping.
  • Identification of overgrown private vacant properties for the purposes of cleaning, enforcement of by-laws and recovery of costs thereof by liaising with relevant role players.

3. Sports and Recreation

  • Grading and re-grading of rural sports fields
  • Manufacturing, assembling and installation of stands, poles, etc.
  • Bookings of sports and recreation facilities
  • Establishment and maintenance of children`s play parks and installation and repairing of play equipment.
  • Creation and maintenance of community, recreational and leisure parks across all (5) ward clusters
  • Maintenance of all urban sports fields.

4. Cemeteries and Pound

  • Maintenance of dormant and active cemeteries
  • Provision of digging services- informal communal Graveyards
  • Management and control of the animal pound