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The core function of this section is to provide:

  • Internal and External Communication
  • Media and Stakeholder Liaison
  • Marketing and Branding

Currently the section holds three employees designated with the following titles:

Communications Manager: Mr Siyabonga Maphalala

Communications Manager: Mr Siyabonga Maphalala

Publications Officer: Mrs Sindile Motsoane

Publications Officer: Mrs Sindile Motsoane

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Publication of Municipal Newsletter
  • Circulation & Dissemination of Municipal Publications
  • Monitoring of Media Communications
  • Editing and Content Development of Media Articles and Reports
  • Attending to Press Statements
  • Photography and Video Capturing/Editing

Online Communications Officer: Sibanisezwe Sithole

Online Communications Officer: Sibanisezwe Sithole

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Website Administration
  • Website Updates
  • Administration of Social Media Networks
  • Online Editing and Content Development
  • Photography and Video Capturing/Editing
  • Online Communications: Municipal Facebook and Twitter Accounts


This section aims to seek continued participation in municipal affairs and an improvement in public perception and understanding of the municipality, it`s functions and the services it provides. This will be achieved through the following:

  • Actively educating and informing the community about the municipality, it`s practices and it`s services.
  • Give equal support and attention to all geographical areas covered by the municipality.
  • Seek the comments and input of the community and involvement in a range of of municipal issues as prescribed by legislation, especially in regard to it`s budget, it`s intergrated development plan and it`s performance management systems as well as the services it is required to provide to the community.
  • Through e-communication , this section maximises the opportunities to creatively and effectively communicate through the use of new technology so that the community has easy access to information about the municipality. The section continuously undertakes updates on the Municipal Website.
  • The website plays a key role in seeking out and exploiting the opportunities presented by electronic communication, internally and externally to benefit the municipality and the communities it serves.
  • The section also aims to establish a corporate identity for the municipality in order to strengthen the council`s visual profile locally, regionally and nationally by consitently using a strong corporate logo which will provide information in a clearly branded, concise manner to both internal and external audiences.
  • Ensure that all communication from the municipality is unambiguous, reliable and easy to understand in order to improve the image and integrity of the municipality.
  • Improve internal communication in order to increase staff understanding of the aims and objectives of the municipal council and promote ways of improving communication between business units. This will in tern maintain a strong two-way flow of information and encourages teamwork, trust and loyalty. It will also ensure that the councillors and staff are informed of all appropriate decisions, policies, programs, events and issues in a timely, accurate and consistent manner.

The Communications Section is located at the Municipal Town Hall at the Mayoral Chambers.