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Youth Development Office

The office aims to provide counselling and career advice and services/support to young people in making informed choices about their careers and employment or self-employment decisions. To offer guidance and clear directions in terms of career and business related issues. To provide the youth with knowledge of how to obtain the correct information and observe the accuracy of the information obtained. To provide well-grounded knowledge of the environment and the supply and demand chain.

The office has two main employees designated with the following titles:

Ms P Mazibuko
Community Outreach Officer:
Miss P. Mazibuko


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides Information to young people on all NYDA Products and Services.
  • Provides Information on all five main information streams:
    1. Employment
    2. Self Employment
    3. Education and Training
    4. Health and Well Being
    5. Citizenship
  • Organises and Conducts information dissemination through outreach where necessary, handles walk-in`s appropriately
  • Assess and capture applications/documents in the relevant database (Jobs)
  • Conducts assessments on young people and performs case management and does proper referrals
  • Generates accurate reports of all the clients that have been attended to and indicates the course of action taken
  • Screens and Provides advice on all applications to be processed by the Programme Managers/Officers
  • Assist young people needing help eg: at Reception Point, Resource Centre, Internet Etc.
  • Monitores the Internet resources accessibility appropriately
  • Ensure events are properly scheduled
  • Ensure vehicle log book is duly completed
  • Ensure maintenance of the Mobile YAC is conducted timeously
  • Ensure the safety of the MYAC and Equipment
  • Ensure Outreach Reports are Completed

Career Guidance Officer: Mr M. Mbongwa

Career Guidance Officer: Mr M. Mbongwa

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides Counselling and advice in the areas of: Education and Training, Careers, Employment and Self-Employment both to In and Out of School Youth
  • Facilitates information workshops at Career Day Events and Exhibitions
  • Facilitates career guidance presentations at Schools and FET Colleges
  • Identifies young persons career ambitions
  • Provides information on relevant study paths and facilities available for the Identified Career Option as drawn from the Pace Resource
  • Assists young people on C.V Writing and Personal Development Plans
  • Conducts individual candidate assessments
  • Captures Young Persons Details On Crm
  • Files young persons PDP for future M & E
  • Refers young persons to job agents for C.V. Loading
  • Liaises with Secondary Schools and FET Colleges for slots for Career Presentations
  • Arranges Logistics
  • Presents on Career Opportunities available
  • Presents on Skills Development Opportunities available
  • Presents on Bursaries
  • Contacts Young Persons to confirm progress on PDP
  • Compiles Monthly Reports on young people assisted
  • Submits Monthly Progress Report with verification documents to Head Office and Line Manager

The location of the office is 25 Keate Street, Ladysmith and they can be contacted on the following number: 036 635 3403.