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13 October 2010

Priority 3 : Formalisation of Internal Settlement : The reconstruction of 1770 houses in various Communities in the Greater Emnambithi / Ladysmith Municipal Area.

The MEC for Human Settlement approved on 01 March 2010 an amount of R101 80261.90 for the reconstruction of 170 units. An Administrative meting was held on 17 March 2010 whereat the Manager Engineering Services was requested to:

  • Design the plans and compile for the rural homes.
  • Invite tenders form Service Providers and

An item was submitted to the Municipality, EXCO and Council informing of the approval on 23 March 2010.

The Executive Manager : Governance and Transformation was requested to verify the beneficiaries.

A Specification Committee meting was held on the specification were compiled and on the tender document. The tender was advertised. A briefing session was held with 80 Service Providers. At the tender opening, 50 tender documents were. The tender were submitted to the Committee who had difficulty in finalising the matter for adjudication. The adjudication Committee resolved to invite the recommended bidders to do a presentation to the Committee. The presentation took place and the adjudication Committee awarded the following contracts.

Motheo Construction 417
Ntokozweni Developers 500
Umlilo JV 150
Dezzo Holdings 553
Isibanisezwe Construction 150
Total 1770

As the project is in the rural areas the Municipality engaged with the land owners who indicated that they required compensation for the land. The matter was taken up with Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.

A meeting was held on with Land Affairs on 16 September 2010 to find a way forward to deal with the land matter. The 5 Implementing Agents agreed to obtain the services of Land Legal Expert to the Land Legal matter. The Land Legal Expert has sent out a team to conduct cops position of the affected properties from 07/10/2010 to 13/10/2010. A project plan will be devised by the Land Legal Expert to obtain the land by 18/10/2010.
The Mayor has informed 3 of the 5 contractors to the Community in terms of Public Participation.

A meeting was held with the DOHS where the land legal expert explained that in order to fast track the project the option of expropriation by the MEC must be followed.

In order for this to happen the Council had to take a resolution to request the MEC to expropriate which was taken on 26 October 2010.

The Council resolution was given to DOHS on 28 October 2010.
The DRDLR committed themselves to pay for:

  • the land to be acquired
  • the appointment of independent valuers
  • the appointment of the land commissioner
  • the title adjustments.

A meeting was held with the DRDLR on 5 November 2010 and the DRDLR submitted a programme of action for them to proceed to obtain the land.

All relevant information was submitted to DRDLR on 9 November 2010, such as Council resolutions, MEC`s approval, Housing Sector Plans and arrangements were made for the land legal expert to provide the list of land to be expropriated.

A meeting was held on 15 November 2010 in the Ladysmith Town Hall to explain the position to the landowners. Present at the meeting were Inkosi/Indunas, landowners, councillors, implementing agents, DRDLR and the Municipality.